Thousands Of People in Mau Rallied Against ‘Mob Lynching’, Sent a 6 Points Memorandum to the Magistrate

Mob lynching has taken over world peace and it was high time someone took a stand against it, so they did. Secular people across the country are deeply concerned since the Modi government has come to power.

In the past month of June, while staying in a mosque located at Nasir Pur, Mau of eastern UP, an innocent elderly-aged man was brutally shot dead outside mosque. Only a few days after the incident, a 17 year old Hafiz Junaid was stabbed to death in a moving train in Ballabgarh, Haryana by mob.

These observations were expressed by a veteran scholar Mufti Anwar Ali, the convener of the recently-established platform ‘Mau Nagrik Munch’ on the occasion of a massive peaceful protest organized there after Juma prayer at New Eidgah of Maunath Bhanjan, eastern UP.

In his speech, he said:

Given spreading mob lynching of innocent people in name of so-called cow vigilance and the increasing sectarianism through all over the country, the Mau Nagrik Munch was constituted. The main objective behind the formation of the Munch is to firmly maintain peaceful environment and communal harmony across the region.”

He also doomed upon the Amarnath yatri attack.

He further alsoadded that terrorism has no particular religion. Islam has nothing to do with it. Just as the campaign is being run nationwide for clean India, in the same way it must be run for the protection of the entire humanity regardless of cast, creed and region.

(Trail of blood stains in EMU compartment where Junaid was stabbed in June, a day before Eid)

While presiding the peaceful protest, Ex-MLA comrade Imteyaz Ahmad said

”This massive protest is conducted to draw government’s attention towards growing intolerance and mob lynchings carried out by some extremist outfits and individuals.”

Only within a week after Modi presumed the power, engineer Mohsin Sheikh from Pune was lynched by mob. Since then, it was unstoppable. Recently, 18 year-old Hafiz Junaid was lynched while boarding in train.

Ex-Rajya Sabha MP Salim Ansari said,

“The Nasir Pur murder was a well-planned conspiracy which was trapped to create communal disharmony in areas surrounded by Mau. People here, however, have managed to make the unclean intentions of anti-social element failed and pushed their efforts in vein.”

PM was visiting abroad again and again and paying no heed to what is going on inside the country, added the former parliamentarian.

The district chief of the Samajwadi party Dharm Prakash Yadav told his party would wholeheartedly support the Munch in this war against hate.The district president of the Business Committee, Uma Shanker Umer said,“Our PM leaves for Pakistan and attend the feast.”

Sheikh Mazhar Ali Madani said, “Our war is against those who try to create disharmony in the society.”

At last, the Munch spokesperson Arshad Jamal presented a 6-point memorandum that will be sent by Mau District Magistrate to the President of India.

  1. Effective steps should be taken to protect the democracy and the Constitution of India.
    2. All illegal activities made by extremist cow-vigilante outfits and individuals should be immediately banned.
    3. Adequate compensation should be granted to house-holders of victims of mob lynchings as well as criminals should be punished.
    4. It must be ensured by police administrations to protect all citizens indiscriminately.
    5. The Nasir Pur murder case should be limpidly probed by CBI.
    6. Crimes against Dalits, minorities, women, students, youths and others should be instantly stopped.


Thousands of people supported the above-mentioned 6-point memorandum by raising their hands. A large number of people coming from the city and the areas surrounded by Mau including leading intellectuals, academicians, politicians, social activists, businessmen etc were reportedly a part of the peace protest.




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