This Policeman Gave His Attacker A Tight Hug, Took Him Out For A Meal. Watch The Video To Know Why!

What do you generally expect from a policeman when there’s a man standing with a large knife right in front of him? Well whatever it is, you definitely mustn’t be expecting him to go ahead for a hug right?

This policeman from Bangkok did something us ordinary mindsets wouldn’t even have dared to think of.

Officer Anirut Malee was on duty at his station when a man with a knife rushed in demanding money and threatening to attack him and the others present. Unlike any other cop who would’ve resorted to his gun and power to make him surrender, this guy went the other way round and chose to calm him with his words.

In no time, he gained his confidence and convinced him to hand over the weapon. He then walked towards the attacker and hugged him which left everyone present at the police station dumbfounded.


The attacker who was reportedly around 45 years old, broke down in front of everyone and went ahead to tell his story of how he’s a magician but his guitar got stolen. And how he had also been a security guard and hadn’t been paid since three days.

Anirut not only offered water to the distressed man but he also gave him a guitar and also took him out for a meal.

The attacker was also taken to the hospital for help and no charges were filed against him.

Brave officer deals with knife-wielding man

An attacker just pulled knife on an officer, and what happened next has the world amazed.Share to honor this officer's bravery!

Occupy Democrats 发布于 2017年6月28日

If only the world understood, sometimes all you need is a little understanding and kindness over aggression and control to make things fall back into place.



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