The US Christian Right, or the Evangelicals, wants to bring God into classrooms. Independent Thinkers in US are warning for the last several years that  Christian Right is seeking to establish theocracy in US .But the American Constitution does not support their desire .According to US constitution , State and Church are separate to each other .

The purpose of such arrangement is to guarantee freedom to all citizens .The other purpose is to prevent tyranny of anyone religion.

But many extremist Christians feel that US must be a Godly Nation and it is their religious duty to make it one .That is the Evangelical way of thinking, of Extreme Right which resorts to the quotes from Holy Scriptures to pursue their ideology.

Evangelicals in Public as well as Religious circles in US are openly advocating religious extremism. An American writer J.S.Wheatherby

Has rightly  called such US Evangelists as “American –Taliban “.He condemned the hypocrisy that US Evangelical Christians condemn Muslim extremism but they are on the other hand clearly endorsing their own form of religious extremism and authoritarianism .



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