AURANGABAD : This city which is presumed as the most sensitive among cities of Maharashtra has been pushed towards communal tension on the occasion of Eid al Adha by BJP municipal councilors who took law into their own hands in the Corporation meeting .

According to reports , the BJP  Municipal councilors were infuriated when MIM councilor  opposed the condolence motion  moved in the house over the death of late PM Atal Bihari Vajpaye .But instead to oppose thie behavior as per the Municipal laws , BJP corporators took law into their own hands and began to thrash MIM councilor Mohammed Mateen in  the house .

The motion was moved by Shiv Sena therefore Shiv Sena  Municipal Corporators also joined in beating Mohammed Mateen .A video clip was made inside the house when Mohammed Mateen was beaten by many Municipal councilors from BJP and Shiv Sena .Police and Municipal security staff entered the house and they saved  MIM councilors from  attackers .

The video went viral and tension erupted in the city as many MIM supporters reacted to such violence in the house against their Municipal Councilor Mohammed Mateen .Video showed the MIM councilor going out of the house with hands on his head indicating that he got injuries on the head .

The MIM workers reacted immediately as the news of attack in the house spread like a wild fire .They gathered out side the Municipal HQ .Some MIM supports pelted stones .It is reported that many MIM workers ransacked a local BJP leadr’s car which was parked outside the Municipal HQ .According to the reports , BJP – Shiv Sena municipal councilors met CP of Aurangabad Mr. Prasad and demanded that  a police case must be lodged against MIM  councilor Mohammed Mateen for  Anti National Act .

It is being debated in social media that opposing any motion in Municipal House was not an offence .But BJP – Shiv Sena councillors  resorted to violence therefore a case of assault and rioting must be registered against all of them .It is ridiculous that opposing the condolence motion is being considered as anti – National act  to justify crime  of  assaulting  a Municipal councillor of opposition benches .Matter is being hotly debated in social media .



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