This Teen From Gujarat Has Signed An M.O.U Worth 5 Crore For Drones That Would Help Save Soldier’s Lives

Harshwardhan Zala, remember the name cause you’re likely to hear it a lot in the coming future.

The 14-year-old student from Gujarat has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs. 5 crore with the state government at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

Why? You’ll know.

The young man who’s still studying in class 10, has come up with the most amazing solution including drones that’ll not only detect but also diffuse landmines during war, potentially saving the lives of many.

The teenager had three prototypes ready to grab the deal with the state’s department of Science and Technology.

He got this idea of building drones while watching on television about how a large number of soldiers succumb to injuries during the war.

Till now, he’s spent a fair amount of 5 Lakhs for meeting the needs of his prototypes built. He’s currently working on a viable business plan to attract investors.

The drone solutions that Harshwardhan has been working on are outfitted with an infrared sensor, thermal metre and an RGB sensor. They also have a 21 mega-pixel built-in camera. So during war-time, the army can potentially send these drones to survey minefields, pick up the locations of landmines, and submit their findings to the base-station remotely. In addition, these drones come with bombs that can immediately destroy landmines they spot.

His father, Pradhyumansinh Zala is an accountant with a plastic company based in Naroda while his mother Nishaba Zala is a homemaker.

The 14 year old says that he’s been interested in science and innovation since the start and his parents have always been supportive of him and his dreams.

Because of his talent, he has also been sponsored with an all expense trip to the US where he even got an opportunity to visit the Google headquarters to observe the way they work.

He further goes on to mention about his dreams of making his company bigger than Apple or Google. Given his persistence, we say, Amen!



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