MUMBAI : The city of Mumbai has many places which serve Tandoori items , right from Rotis , Nan to Chicken .Such Tandoori items are  deliciously different from home food therefore those eating places which use Tandoors are patronized by food loving crowds .The word Tandoor is Persian in its origin .

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven usually used for preparation of Rotis and baked items .But it is also used for many other uses in many hotels.

The Tandoor originated in Turkey .It is also very popular and common in other countries like Iran , Afghanistan , Pakistan and other countries of middle east  .It travelled to India through Mughal Royal kitchen and spread into the length and breadth of the country .

The Tandoor is mostly fired by charcoal or firewood .But now gas tandoor has also come in the market .But most of the hotels are still using the tandoors in traditional ways.

Most popular dishes of tandoor is tandoori chicken , chicken tikka , many types of kebabs .Tandoor is also used to prepare Tandoori roti , Nan and other bakery products .

Many Chefs are of the opinion that in many dishes , this cylindrical oven contributes to the flavor and tastes which cannot be derived by any other means of cooking .This is not only special but ancient method of cooking and roasting delicious cuisines .

In India , Tandoor has been known and referred as Bhatti .

Now in many big restaurants all over the world , gas tandoors are being used on a very large scale to prepare Tandoori food .Natural gas is used instead of charcoal or firewood .But still there are people who believe that food prepared by a charcoal or fire wood fired Tandoor is much better than the one fired by natural gases .



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