LUCKNOW: Few weeks ago, the UP BJP government removed Taj Mahal of Agra and Asafia Imam Bada   of Lucknow from the list of Monuments of the   official state  tourism .

Taj Mahal is a global heritage monument .This has been declared as the seventh wonder of the world .Therefore the tourist industry is baffled at the horrible action of UP government for removing the global attraction Taj mahal from the official tourism list.

This move of UP government is clear indication to distort the history in order to spread communal hatred .The famous heritage structures built by Muslim rulers of India are being targeted to further the agenda of communal polarization on the eve of Gujarat elections, it is alleged .

But such narrow political thinking will tarnish the in=mage of the country globally .The Taj Mahal  is the only historical Indian Monument which attracts maximum number of foreign tourists .

It is said that more than 70 lakh foreign tourists visit India  every year just to see the Taj Mahal .The Taj Mahal brings revenue worth Crores and a large number of business and jobs related to tourism heavily depend upon the popularity of Taj Mahal .

If Taj Mahal is made the target of any communal and controversial conspiracy for narrow political gains, it will be a huge loss to the Indian tourism industry and it will result in loss of huge revenue to the UP government also.

The Great Monument Taj Mahal built by Mughal emperor ShahJahan  which I located in a 42 acre complex , has also been a favourite location for all the foreign heads of states , on their visit of India .They mostly express their desire to visit  Taj Mahal .So if any head of the state of any country of the world visits Delhi next time , will Yogi government deny him the opportunity to visit Taj Mahal citing the biased and communal history being distorted for narrow political gains ?



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