The Taj Mahal : What UP Govt Official Website Says ?

LUCKNOW : The BJP leaders are using distorted versions of  history of Taj Mahal  to communalize and polarize Indian society but it must be very interesting to note what the UP BJP government’s  official website has to say about the Taj Mahal .


The official website claimed that under the guidance of Muslim architects and  artists , a large number of Hindu craftsmen and labor participated in the construction of Taj Mahal and the  monument is the  fine amalgamation of various architectural  traditions .

The website  enlisted the Hindu Precedent , in which it is said :”The Indo Islamic architecture had incorporated and reinterpreted many of the traditions .forms of symbolism of both the  indigenous Hindu architecture with the predominant Islamic architecture ever since the era of the Delhi Sultanat ( 1192 AD – 1451 AD ) .


During the Mughal Empire, the extent varied according to the prevailing political climate scant with Babur , extensively with Akbar , but they ruled a land dominated by non –Muslims  and most buildings

were built with Hindu craftsmen and labor under the direction of Muslim artists and architects. The vegetative, tracery, inlay work and most obviously the Lotus dome and finial of the Taj Mahal are testament to this synthesis .”

The website gives credit of creation of this monument to the Mughal King Shahjahan , and  also  states that the Taj Mahal is the symbol of love , whereas the UB BJP leaders are now spreading hatred against Taj Mahal , describing it as the symbol of

The UP government’s official website said,” The Taj , the ultimate expression of love speaks volumes indulgence coming from an overflowing treasury and political security of that era and much more by the way of fineness in art and science of architecture . “

The descriptive official website of UP government’s tourism department which tries to attract tourists from Nation and all over the world, inviting them to Agra to see Taj Mahal has material which is in clear contradiction with distorted and communal  version of  what the BJP leaders are spreading against this landmark monument .




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