Swami Vivekanand


By Maulana Abdul Kareem Parekh

Swami Vivekanand is the personality, who has Influenced Indian elites and the entire world remernbers him with honor & respect. A summary of his speeches, his discussions with people and his views have been collected by his disciple Mr.Sharad Chandra Chakraborty entitled “In The Company of Vivekanandji” containing 305 pages, published By Ram Krishna Math, Publication Division, Ram Krishna Ashram Marg, Dhantoli, Nagpur-17.

Swami Vivekanand
Swami Vivekanand

Given here under is a gist of a matter printed on page no.4-7.

An industrialist, preacher of “Gau Raksha Sabha” with a Saffron ‘pagdi’ and attired in Sadhu Sant uniform came to meet Swamiji. He gave Swamiji a photograph of GauMata. Swamiji asked what was the purpose of his sabha? The preacher replied that they rescue the cows of entire nation from butchers & establish ‘Gau Shalas’ at different places where sick and thin rescued cows are taken care of.

Also that they get a lot of help & support from Marwadi & Vaish Samaj.

Hearing this, Swamiji asked him, recently some parts of lndia were hit by severe drought and Famine conditions. And as per Govt. Sources, about one lakh people died due to draught & starvation.

Is your Sabha providing some help & relief to these hungry & drought affected people?

The preacher replied, “We don’t render any sort of help to the Starving people, just for cow protection our “sabha’ has been formed”. Swamiji told that your “sabha” has funds of lakhs of rupees, even then would you not come forward to help the affected human beings?”.

The preacher replied that the man is tasting the fruits of his own misdeeds & sins. Hence he is facing hunger, starvation & draughts.

Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

Swamiji got so annoyed with this reply his eyes became very fierce & said that the “Sabha” which does not have any sympathy with the fellow human beings and doesn’t extend on helping hand to the dying & starving brethren, and don’t give them a handful of food grains, instead spends lavishly on the protection of birds and animtals, I don’t want to have any sort of a Relationship with such organization.

Swamiji further said that since you say that the starving people are tasting the results of their misdeeds, then the same could be said about these cows reaching to the hands of butchers, just to taste the results of their misdeeds.

Hence there is no need for cow protection.

If this analogy of testing results of deeds-misdeeds is applied to all then it is useless to help each other. Then the preacher told Swamjit hat on behalf of “Samiti” I have come to collect donations from you. Swamiji replied that I am a saintly man, I don’t have money to help your Samiti.

If I have money I would have certainly spend on the starving fellow men, on protection of human lives. However if some money remains unused or surplus, I would have given it to your Samiti. After hearing all these the preacher felt ashamed & left.

Cow Vigilante
Cow Vigilante

After presenting the summary of Swamiji’s conversation, I would request my brothers who have been engaged to the cause of ‘cow protection’ to kindly pay some serious heed to Swamji’s opinions.

It is a good cause to serve the weak, sick, thirsty & hungry abandoned cows but the points on which a great Saint Swamiji has given so stress should also be given due consideration.



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