Lathi Charge

SURAT: Police Resorts To Lathi Charge To Disperse The Group Of GST Protestors

After the changes in the prices of Goods and Services post the GST launch, thousands of textile traders and workers in Surat gathered around the Millenium market of the ring road area in Surat to protest against the same.

While one set of traders amongst the thousands were ready to give up on the protest and reopen their shops, the rest of the crown made sure to not let them do so.

The GST bill that was passed on July 1, until now has created a havoc in the country. The protest in Surat went so overboard that Salabatpura Police had to enter the scenario. The police began to Lathi Charge so as bring the enormous crowd of traders under control that had reportedly resorted to stone pelting. Some of them were also detained and taken to the police station.

Watch the Video Here:

The mob then settled down by evening after a meeting held by the LokSabha MP C R Patil where around thousands of traders agreed to reopen the market seeking protection from those who were forcing the bandh.

Where on hone hand the traders are refusing to accept the policies of GST, on the other hand, the Government seems to be in no mood to accept their demand. In fact, the government is of the opinion that why textile businessmen should be exempted from GST whilst the other classes are covered.

Senior Congress leader and Rajyasabha MP expressed his dissatisfaction in a tweet saying:

“Shocking that police has used brutal force against Surat traders protesting against GST. Govt must reason with them, not suppress them”

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