State Government Neglecting Maharashtra State Urdu Academy

MUMBAI : Maharashtra state Urdu Academy is yet another example of  biase and  neglect from the  BJP state government .During four years of its tenure , the state  government did not form a full-fledged state Urdu academy .No new executive chairman has been appointed even after two year of death of past Executive chairman .A large number of grievances , as under , submitted to the concerned minister last year remain unresolved .This speaks how the BJP state government is treating  a state Urdu literary organization .Following is the memorandum submitted last year to the government .

Respected Sir,

On  behalf of Urdu loving citizens of Maharashtra , We are submitting to your kind self  ,the following submissions regarding the wide spread complaints against  MAHARASHTRA  STATE  URDU SAHITYA  ACADEMY  , and some suggestion  to improve its image  and working .

  • The MAHARASHTRA STATE URDU ACADEMY was formed in APRIL  1975 , I had  21 members , then , as the state  had nearly 17 to 18 districts .NOW , our state , although  has 36 districts ,  the  current  URDU ACADEMY  formed in AUGUST  2015 , by MED had  only 11 non official members .The natural justice to at least nominate  1 member , on an average  ,  from each district  , has been ignored , in formation of  current URDU ACADEMY.
  • The culture department while during the same time in 2015, formed HINDI SAHITYA ACADEMY (25 members), GUJARATI SAHITYA ACADEMY (28 members) SINDHI SAHITYA ACADEMY (38 MEMBERS), for  a period of 3 years .
  • Therefore , We , request your kind self to order a re organization of URDU ACADEMY ,with at least 25  unofficial nominated members  in the new committee, so that every important  district of the state  with  adequate URDU POPULATION gets  representation in the newly formed  URDU ACADEMY.
  • We want to draw your kind attention towards names  of the  members of the 1st URDU academy , who were towering persons of Urdu literature , poetry and  journalism  .But subsequently  merit was totally ignored while nominating  unofficial members  of URDU SAHITYA ACADEMY. We  suggest your kind self to instruct  MED to insert advertisement in leading Urdu Newspapers  , calling for the applications of those  Urdu writers , poets , journalists , educationists , Urdu knowing retired  officials  etc , willing to serve  as non-official members of  URDU ACADEMY ,so that  best amongst them  can be nominated.
  • When URDU ACADEMY was formed in 1975 , it had yearly budget of RS.5 LAKH and there were 12 members   of staff  working  for the Academy. But during the last 40  years , while annual budget increased upto over Rs. 1 crore per annum , not a single  staff member was  WITH retirements, the ACADEMY has been left with only 4 members in its staff .This is one of the reasons that without enough staff, activities of ACADEMY are not being  performed  regularly.
  • We request your kind self to instruct MWD to immediately hire some staff on ad hoc basis  , or get Urdu knowing  staff from other departments  transferred to Urdu Academy , so that  all schemes  and programs  of the academy  can be implemented regularly , which for a quite sometimes have been disrupted .
  • We also request your kind self to instruct MWD  to  initiate  recruitment process  for the permanent staff of the Academy like , for the posts of EO/ DY EO  , URDU  CLERK , SUB EDITORS , so that at least  there may be 15 members  in the staff of Urdu Academy , as per todays
  • We request your kind self to instruct MWD  to speedily  make a separate  web site  of Maharashtra State Urdu Academy  , to make  affairs of academy  , transparent, as per the  RTI Act . This WEB SITE can also  provide opportunities  to URDU writers , poets , journalists  to post their literary  work , and will help  the ACADEMY  to promote its  cause .
  • There had been serious allegations of  irregularities , nepotism  favoritism and  non-transparency in the affairs  of URDU academy  , which brought  bad name to the academy and it seriously hampered the cause  and mission of  promotion of Urdu , therefore , We request your kind self  to instruct  MWD  to ensure  that strict transparency , fairness   and  adherence  to rules and regulations  is observed in all affairs and activities  of the











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