Spending Crores On Dev- Asthan Developments But Criticizing Against Haj Subsidy?

MUMBAI: The central government stopped the Haj Subsidy completely from this year, which was being given to Air India in the name of Muslim Haj pilgrims. This subsidy was being provided for the last many years although the Supreme Court directed to discontinue it gradually till 2022.

The BJP government and party has been criticizing the Haj Subsidy of few hundred Crores as appeasement of Muslims while thousands of Crore are spend every year from Central Budget and various state government budget for the development and maintenance of  Dev Asthans , religious centers , Yatras , Melas  of a particular community .

This is not called as appeasement of those communities but some cosmetic efforts like Haj Subsidy are severely criticized as the appeasement of Muslims.

A simple example is enough to explain the injustice and prejudiced attitude towards Muslims .In Maharashtra, the state government spends every year an amount of Rs.700 to Rs.800 Crores every year for development of Deval Astnas , Dev Asthans , Ashramas and places of pilgrimage .

These budgetary provisions are made through the annual budgets of tourism department , Urban development department , planning department .Majority of the budget ( 99%) is spend on Hindu religious places , in the name of promotion of tourism .

Nobody objected why the fund of a secular government is being spent on religious tourism of a particular community .Muslims never criticized such budgetary provisions. It was gradually decreasing but BJP even did not like to wait till 2022 and discontinued this completely from this year.

Muslims never objected when thousands of Crores from the government funds were spent on Kumbh Mela or any other Mela .

The Maharashtra government is spending Rs.700 to Rs.800 Crores for the development of Dev Asthan and Deval Asthan every year.

This is much higher amount than the amount of Haj subsidy which was given to Air India by the central government .The Haj Subsidy was not more than Rs.250 Crores and this was decreasing every year.




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