YANGON : The  report that  Rakhine state government is harshly pursuing   the development of special economic zone  in violence affected state which  has surprised many experts  because  the state  is  still a  conflict zone where violence  has forced  more than 4 lakh Rohingya Muslims to flee leaving behind their lands and properties  to live in Bnagladesh ,  as refugees in a most tragic humanitarian  crisis.

The experts feel that Rohingya Muslims are being persecuted for land grabbing. They are being destroyed by those who want to reap profits by developing special economic zones on the lands left  by Rohingya Muslims.Now it is becoming clear that Rohingya Muslims are being forcibly evicted from their lands  to develop special economic zones in evicted areas .So this is a yet another kind of land grab, occupation  and killings by profit hungry business groups who are backed by the government and military .

Myanmar government has permitted some companies whose 7  owners identities has been kept in secret to make and develop  special economic zones in the conflict and violence infested Rakhine state .The special economic zone is being developed by a not very known firm Naff River galaxy Infrastructure limited , but even Myanmar media is raising questions about the real owners behind .

Whi is behind Naff River Galaxy? The Frontier Myanmar raising this question, reported that  this group was registered on September 5 , 2017 .That is when lakhs of Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee from Rakhine state .The newspaper said that authorities told them that this group is floated by 7 owners but they declined to name them.

As lakhs of Rohingya Muslims have fled to the neighboring countries, leaving their homes, farms ,lands , properties behind , Rakhine state government is entering into contract with some business groups and local investors to develop special economic zones in the conflict hit state .  Memorandum of understanding  for development of special economic zones are being signed this month in violence ravaged Rakhine stae while whole world is crying and shouting against the Myanmar military and government over the plight of Rohingya Muslims .The proposed special economic zone will be beside the Naff river near the Muslim village of Kenyin Chawng .So , the experts are expressing their apprehensions that Rohingya Muslim crisis is a well planned killing of innocents  and crime of ethnic cleansing for grabbing their lands .



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