MUMBAI :The poor slum dwellers are being at receiving end as a slum lord mafia in collaboration of corrupt  BMC , Police and government officials is extorting them for residing or doing trade , business here and the very slum mafia which has support of corrupt officials usually  puts fire to the slums whenever there is a demolition drive conducted by authorities .

These allegations are being made by local residents who cannot dare to speak against the Slum Mafia and corrupt official’s nexus .

But the recurring fires has put them into not only a lot of hardship and losses but also they are blamed by general public of arson and illegal construction .

After every fire, new slum are raised and slum mafia which has backing of corrupt officials extort more money , it is alleged .So the fire is a racket here , in this slum as the rents in these slums of Behrampada – Navpada area have increased considerably .

The area has become a whole sale and retail market which is attracting customers not only from Mumbai but also from many other cities. Therefore there has been steep rise in the demand for shops and garment factories in this area.

The rents of small 10×10 tin sheds also increased .It is alleged that slum mafia , which consists of criminals having police records are grabbing  open plots around and near Ghareeb nagar into illegal slums .They not only construct illegal tin sheds but also provide electricity and water illegally .

It is alleged that all these slum mafia are supported by corrupt officers and such Slum Mafia and Corrupt officers nexus is playing havoc in the area.

They are raising multi storied slums on railway and government rent and those who are residing or conducting business in theses slum are paying hefty price to them .It is also alleged that corrupt  railway officials ,GRP and RPF officials also patronize these criminal gangs for their share .

This  is a very deep and big racket .But whenever there is pressure to take action against these illegal slums , the very same slum mafia puts fire in this areas which only destroys poor and ordinary residents and small traders .They are only one who bear the loss , it is alleged .



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