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LUCKNOW : The Allahabad High Court  has come to the rescue of lakhs of people, whose livelihood depends on slaughter houses and meat shops, which were shut down without any application of mind  by Yogi Adityanath  run State Government as it came to power on March 19, 2017.

Meat Shop Owners on a Strike

As a Hindi Newspaper has rightly said in its headline: “Allahabad High Court Scolded  Yogi Government, Said You Can Not Prevent People from Eating Non Vegetarian Food, Open New Slaughter Houses, ” the verdict has come as a relief to one of the oldest trade of the state, which was put  to danger of destruction by the Yogi government’s unsympathetic and biased attitude against it.

This verdict has also come as a reprimand for the Yogi Government, which got a landslide victory in the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh State election.

But in its zeal to brand itself as a ‘Hindutva’ Verdict, Yogi government went after slaughter houses and meat shops , as if these were the only illegal activity in the state which had to be curbed.

The court observations, that if there are not enough legal or licensed slaughter houses, it is the duty of the state government to open new slaughter houses and issue new licenses.

slaughter house up
Local Slaughter House in Uttar Pradesh

The court has adjourned the matter till July 2017, but the bench comprising of Justice  A.P.Shahi and Justice Sanjay Harkauli also instructed that till July 17,2017, licenses must be granted  to all the slaughter houses.

That means, within two months the Uttar Pradesh Government will have to comply with the orders of the High Court and it is supposed to issue new licenses, or renew old licenses of all slaughter houses and meat shops it cracked down in Hindutva zeal.

It is noteworthy that BJP election manifesto, while going to state poll contained that swift actions will be taken against meat shops and slaughter houses, as it came to power.

The mass crackdown against one of the oldest trade of the State, which is source of employment to nearly 50 lakh people in Uttar Pradesh, was based on malice and prejudice, it is alleged.

yogi up

The Allahabad High Court order has come as a slap for the Yogi government, as it disapproved the way Yogi Government selected slaughter houses and meat shops for prejudiced and selective treatment.

The court, meanwhile said that till July 17, 2017, all meat shops and slaughter houses will continue to remain closed, but all the traders and slaughter house owners must apply for the renewal of licenses or new licenses to the District Administration.

The Allahabad High Court also instructed the Advocate General of the State to inform the Court on July 17, 2017 about how many old licenses are renewed and new licenses issued in the state.



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