Shocking Findings About Mankhurd – Govandi

Mumbai: This city  is said to be the city of slums. All the political slogans to make slum less Mumbai, or converting Mumbai into Shanghai , proved to be hollow. In 2001 , population of Mumbai was more than 60 lakhs , according to a study. But now, the latest projections claim that approximately 90 lakh persons live in Mumbai’s slums .

While the city saw an unprecedented boom in housing sector and real estate during the last one and half decade, it is noticed that slum as well as slum population also increased at  a great pace .Now experts say that 60 % of Mumbai’s population lives in slums.

In most of the slum areas , living conditions are very appalling .Humans are forced to live worse  than  animals in congested , filthy , inhabitable environment , where even basic civic amenities like water , sanitation , toilets and electricity is not provided .

There are many slums, in Mumbai which are Minority dominated. Poor Muslims, like their poor brothers from other communities , are forced to live in there .A study was conducted by Maharashtra State Minority Commission , through Tata Institute of Social Sciences , in 6 Muslim concentrated Slum areas of Mumbai .They are :

  • Jari Mari in Kurla
  • Mankhurd
  • Malwani
  • Govandi
  • Orlem in Malad
  • Madanpura .

Purpose of this study was :

  • To explore socio-economic and educational status of the minority communities in Mumbai city
  • To explore specific problems, constraints faced by the communities .
  • To suggest measures that can be taken to solve their problems , constrains .

Shocking Findings About Mankhurd – Govandi :

Main finding of the study was, very shocking and revealing which said that Mankhurd –Govandi  area, due to Deonar Dumping Ground has also become the dumping ground for the city’s poor. It has the lowest human development index in the city .This area has been in constant news for regular incidents of deaths  of Children due to malnutrition .

The study gave many suggestion to improve living conditions ,in these six Muslim dominated slum area .But , on ground level , there seems to have happened little change , and citizens are forced to live in worst conditions.



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