Why Shiv Sena Wants To Break Alliance With BJP?

MUMBAI : It is said in the political circles that Shiv Sena , which is an alliance partner with BJP in central and state governments , has decided to break alliance with BJP.Enough indications were given  to this effect by the Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Rawat today , after a high level meeting of Shiv Sena legislatures and leaders .But the question is , why Shiv Sena  wants to break the alliance with BJP as the 5 year term of the government is not yet complete ?

BJP Government Failed To Solve Problems?

Many Shiv Sena leaders raised the opinion that BJP government has miserably failed to solve basic problems of public and there is a large scale resentment against it .There are many Shiv Sena MLAs who levelled charges against BJP ministers and the government .


These Shiv Sena MLAs allege that BJP government is deliberately not doing the work in the constituencies of Shiv Sena MLAs .Many Shiv Sena MLAs , including minister Ram Das Kadam alleged that they  are not provided with enough funds for developmental works in their  constituencies . Shiv Sena MLAs  and leaders alleged that this is being done deliberately by BJP ministers to bring bad name to Shiv Sena MLAs and ministers .

Shiv Sena leaders , MLAs ,Ministers expressed their anger against ill treatment by the state government in development works in their constituencies .They complained that development works in their areas are being deliberately ignored .

Shiv Sena  Must Not  Bear  Anger Against BJP

Many Shiv Sena leaders expressed the fear that there is a large scale resentment against BJP governments all over the country .They said that if Shiv Sena remained in alliance with BJP it is feared that Shiv Sena will also have to bear the public wrath and anger against BJP .Therefore , most of the Shiv Sena leaders said that  Party high command  must  immediately  take decision on breaking the alliance with BJP .The Shiv Sena leaders  also  suggested to organize mass protests against rising prices , increase in cooking gas cylinder , petrol , diesel prices.

Protests In Nasik

The leaders of Shiv Sean led a motor cycle protest rally and resorted to street protest against rising prices .Though Shiv Sena is still a partner in state and central alliance government led by BJP , these protests were directed against central and state governments . According to reports , Shiv Sena in Nasik, Maharashtra  organized a mass protest against BJP government .Increase in cooking gas, petrol, diesel, fuel prices and rising prices of essential goods were condemned by Shiv Sena workers .The Shiv Sena blamed alliance partner BJP for the inflation .The Shiv Sena  women workers  cooked rotis over  wood and thus protested on roads against increase in cooking gas cylinder prices .Many Shiv Sean Municipal councillors participated in this protest .



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