Shiv Sena Leader Condemns Pune University Decision

PUNE : The decision of Pune university to confer gold medal to students who observe only vegetarian food habits has come under sharp criticism from Yuva Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackrey who condemn the decision in his social media message .


He demanded that strict action must be taken against the official who formulated such rules in the University .Is it a University or you are running a restaurant? The Yuva Shiv Sena leader asked the University authorities, reacting to the news of the directive being issued restricting gold medals to the students who are vegetarian only .

Aditya Thackrey deplored the University authorities and said that hat students must eat , and what they must not eat is none of the University’s business .

He also said that University cannot dictate the food habits of students .He asked the authorities , what is the relation or connection of Gold medal with the food habit ?

The Shiv Sena leader rightly challenged the authority of University officials to enter into the Kitchens and Tiffins of the students .How one can decide merit with food habit ? The Pune University has come under the sharp criticism from academicians as well as politicians for such controversial decision.

The Yuva Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackrey in his statement and reaction suggested sarcastically that the official who issued such condition must be conferred with Silver Medal.

Te Shiv Sena Youth leader is also leading students wing of the party .The Shiv Sena Youth and students wing has considerable presence in the major universities of Maharashtra .

The decision to deny Gold Medal to non- vegetarian students is also a great shock to many Maharashtra’s whose majority is dependent on non-vegetarian foods like mutton , sea food etc .The discouraging  the non- vegetarian food will affect the Maratha Koli (Fishermen) community , for whom sea food has been dread and butter and basis of their economy .The Kolis are traditional supporters of Shiv Sena .Therefore Shiv Sena leader came out against the Pune University’s  strange dictate .

He said that University must care for the standard of education , exams and assessment .They must care for  how and what the students will earn after completion of their education .



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