MUMBAI: Acidic reaction against UP CM Yogi over deaths of 70 children in Gorakhpur came from BJP ally in Maharashtra, when Shiv Sena mouth piece Marathi newspaper Saamana blamed CM for these deaths and said that these are not deaths, but Mass Murders.

The Shiv Sena piece further said, “There was a sea of cries and criticism over one statement of Ex Vice President of India Shri Hamid Ansari , but those loudspeakers went silent over the merciless deathsof 70 children in  Gorakhpur.” The Shiv Sena mouth piece observed that Yogi has been ruling Gorakhpur, long before being CM of UP. Therefore these deaths are shameful for administration and humanity. The reason of death of 70 children is disruption of gas supply to the hospital.

Gas Company’s bills were not paid in time. Government did not pay the bills of Gas Supply, therefore it was discontinued. Analyzing these facts, Shiv Sena mouth piece further said that if these had been the reason then these 70 deaths must be considered as the mass murders of 70 children .

Who will be held responsible for these mass murders of children? Shiv Sena mouth piece raised the question. The newspaper criticized the state government hospitals severely ”There are no life saving medicines, no facilities, no essential provision like oxygen. UP health minister issued atrocious and shameless statement that in the month of August, children death are usual occurrence.”

The Shiv Sena mouth deplored the health minister of UP and asked him , “If  your stand that usually there are children deaths in August are normal then answer our one question, why such occurrence of nature target only children of poor families ? Why such miseries of August do not visit the homes of ministers and politicians?”

Shi Sena mouth piece condemned the Yogi government and ministers that instead of giving sympathetic support to the victims they are making fun of poor families. The Shiv Sena demanded resignation of UP’s health minister over his insulting statement, which brought disrepute to deaths of 70 children of poor families.



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