Text of Resolutions passed at the meeting of the Council of the AU

India Muslim League

 held on the 20th of March 1938

 at Delhi with Mr. M. A. Jinnah in the Chair.

Resolution No. 1.   : Resolved that the Special Session of the All India .Muslim League be held at Calcutta on. the 18th and 19th of April 1938.

 Resolution No.2. In view of the decision of the Punjab Premier, ex· pressing his readiness to resign even if the majority of the .Muslim l\Members give their verdict disapproving of his action foreshadowed in his recent pronouncement with regard to the Shahidganj question, the Council realise that the main burden and responsibility rests with the Muslim representatives of the Punjab Legislature and the public generally.

The Council appreciate that the gravity and the nature of the issues involved are present to the mind of Sir Sikandar Hayat and his Government ; the assurance given by him in his pronounce· ment of his making an earnest attempt to bring about an honourable settlement of the question is the best course in the opinion of the Council, and in this direction lies the way of restoring and securing a permanent peace and goodwill between the two great sister com· munities Muslims and Sikhs, whose moral responsibi· lity to each other, whose interests and the welfare, and the larger interest of the Province and the country, demand that, with their great hist,ory, religion and traditions behind them, they should rise above the verdicts of Judicial Tribunals and the decisions of legislatures and Government, and rise to the occasion and come to an honourable settlement of their own, that failing such a desideratum of mutual agreement of the parties concerned, which will be most unfortunate, Council note, with great satisfaction, the determination of the Punjab Government that it will not fail to explore and exhaust all constitutional avenues open to them to find a satisfactory and just solution of the problem to 22 Copy ~f the letter of Mr. M. A. Jinnah, the



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