MUMBAI : BJP leaders , for decades ,cried of minority appeasement over Haj Subsidy which was granted to Indian Haj Pilgrims  on the ground that public money cannot be spend on religious purposes .In 2012 , a court order directed the government to stop the Haj subsidy gradually till 2022 .

But the BJP government last year decided to revoke the Haj subsidy completely .Although BJP leaders still say that Haj subsidy was granted as a policy of Minority appeasement ,Muslim leaders say that Haj Subsidy was  an eyewash and just an smart book- work of the previous government to keep Air India afloat as it incurred heavy losses. So, in the name of Haj subsidy Hundreds of Crores of Rupees were pocketed by Air India every year .

The revocation of Haj Subsidy is also a political game by BJP , as it blames Congress of indulging in vote bank politics by granting Haj subsidy .It can be said that BJP has appeased it’s militant and extremist vote bank by revoking Haj Subsidy .So if BJP leaders are calling Haj subsidy as appeasement of Muslims , revoking it can be described as appeasement of extremist Hindus .

While BJP leaders advanced the arguments against Haj Subsidy that public money cannot be spend on religious matters , the two BJP state governments , MP and Maharashtra , recently granted  Ministerial status to trustees and Hindu religious personalities of eight temples .The government said that the status of minister granted to them will help them perform their work easily .That means while opposing the Haj subsidy on religious ground , the BJP government in two states are spending public money on eight religious persons and helping them to carry out religious activities using the government resources  available to them after granting them the status of ministers .This is unprecedented example in the history of India where religious leaders of one particular community have been granted the status of ministers .

The BJP has lost all moral ground to revoke Haj subsidy and talk of Muslim appeasement while it has blatantly violated secular rules to appease hard core vote bank.



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