PUNE : Savitri Bai Phule , wife of Mahatma Phule , faced innumerable abuses and listened to obscenities heaped on her on the way to teach. Groups of orthodox men

(Brhamins and higher caste people )followed the first female teacher of India on her way to work. They threw rotten eggs, cow dung, tomatoes & stones. They abused her in obscene language.

But she got support form Muslims .Fatema Shaikh and her brother Usman Shaikh  helped Phules in their mission .

#FatimaSheikh was one of the first Muslim teachers of India, who took to teaching Dalit girls at the school run by #SavitribaiPhule & #JyotibaPhule. Fatima Shaikh encouraged families and parents especially those from the Muslim community to send their daughters to school.

Mr. Phule forced British to declare education for  Dalits and lower castes also as free and Mandatory. British Government made a law for declaring ‘Dalit education Mandatory’.but higher caste teacher from Pune to Godhra opposed this decision for extending education to lower caste people . Higher caste teacher boycotted the  order. But Muslim teachers offered  to educate Dalits. An  example is #Fatimashaikh.

Such inspiring stories based on facts which show the  joint efforts and cooperation  of Dalits and Muslims for educational empowerment of both communities are put into dustbin  and fake history is spread through text books which are nothing but conspiracy  to divide Bahujan samaj and rule over them .



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