MUMBAI :He is often described as VEER (Bold ) Savarkar  while his name is Vinayak Savarkar .The Hindu Mahasabha leader who is hailed as a great freedom fighter and revolutionary by his followers submitted  four  mercy petitions to the British government .

  • The First Mercy Petition :

Savarkar was put into Andoman and Nicobar Island’s Cellular jail in 1911.The jail was then called as Kala Pani and sentences there were known as Kala Pani Ki Saza .

V.D.Savarkar submitted first mercy petition within one month of arriving in kala Paani Jail or Cellular Jail of  Andoman and Nicobar Islands .He wrote and submitted this petition on August 30 , 1911 .

The British government rejected this petition on September 3, 1911 .

  • Second Mercy Petition : On November 14 , 1913 , V.D. Savarkar personally presented his second mercy petition to  the Home Member of Governor General’s Council Sir Reginald Carddock.
  • Third Mercy Petition : Hindu Mahasabha  leader V.D. Savarkar submitted his third mercy petition in 1917 . There was a general amnesty declared by British government then for all political prisoners .On February 1 , 1917 V.D.Savarkar was informed that his mercy petition had been placed before the British government .
  • Fourth Mercy Petition :Hindu Mahasabha leader V.D.Savarkar submitted his forth mercy petition on March 30 , 1920 , to the British government .
  • Apart from these four mercy petitions , Hindu Mahasabh leader in 1911 applied to the Government of Bombay for certain concessions with his sentences .But the Government rejected his application .A Government letter No.2022 dated April 4 , 1911 said that the question of remitting the second sentence of transportation for life would be considered in due course on the expiry of the first sentence of transportation for life .
  • He was arrested by the British in 1910 for his connection with revolutionary group of India House. He made a failed attempt to flee while he was being transported to Marseilles .He was sentenced to two life terms of imprisonment totaling fifty years and was moved to the cellular jail of Andoman and Nicobar Islands .But was released in 1921.
  • He spent only 10 years in jail out of fifty years jail term. During these ten years he submitted four applications for mercy .



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