Sardar Patel Saved Kashmir And Hyderabad But Not Mahatma Gandhi?

MUMBAI: The question very often raised is valid and still needs answer that when Sardar Patel, the blue eyed boy of Mahatma Gandhi could save Kashmir from attacking  tribes backed by Pakistan army and Hyderabad from Nizam’s army and Razakars , why he could not save Father of Nation from a bunch of  hardcore extremists ?

The Iron Man of India , Sardar Patel was home minister when Gandhi was killed on January 30 , 1948 .He was in charge of police , security and intelligence .The radical elements of Hindu Maha sabha and other out fits were planning to use violence and silence the voice of Ahinsa .

The hard core fanatic elements were planning to kill Mahatma Gandhi righ from 1934 when first attempt to kill father of nation was made .It is very important to describe that 4 attempts were made to kill Gandhi before Independence.

Two attempts were made after Independence .And the last one resulted in what the Hidutvadi fanatics were trying to do since 1934 .They got success in killing Mahatama Gandhi on January 30, 1948.


The 5th and 6 th attempts to eliminate  Gandhi was made within 10 days .On January 20 , 1948 a bomb was thrown in Birla House Delhi , when Gandhi was to hold his routine Prarthana .

The target escaped and this attack was also failed .But within 10 days, on January 30 , 1948 , the killer gang made another strike and they were successful .This time , Nahtu Ram Godse who was involved in earlier two attempts to murder Gandhi  fired three bullets into Gandhi killing him on the spot .

Sardar Patel was holding the most important portfolio of home at that time .His ministry was responsible for the security of not only the ordinary citizens of India but also all important leaders of that time who faced threats from extremist elements .Gandhi was the top most leader as 4 attempts to kill him were made before the Independence .So why Independent India could not save its father of Nation? It is still a big question. And it is a matter of fact that Sardar Patel could save Kashmir and  Hyderabad but he could not save Mahatma Gandhi .




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