NEW DELHI : It was certainly  Dy .PM  Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel having central home ministry under his charge which decided to ban RSS as an unlawful organization on February 04 , 1948.

Mahatma Gandhi was killed by Godse gang on January 30 , 1948 .So , within a week , central government of India banned RSS .This was the first ban on any organization in independent India .

Sarsangh Chalak of RSS Shri Golwalker was arrested .Combing and serach operations were conducted on Shakhas , offices , houses and various places connected with people of RSS .

In the text of the communiqué issued by Central Home Ministry , Government of India , it was stated that in the pursuance of the policy to root out forces of hatred and violence that are at work in the country and imperil the freedom of the nation ,and darken her fair name ,the Government of India has decided to declare unlawful the Rashtriya –Swayem- Sewak- Sangh (RSS) .

This ban continued for more than one year and five months .It was lifted by  Sardar Patel only after RSS Chief Golwalker  agreed and gave an undertaking to accept conditions put before him by Sardar Patel himself .

RSS Chief Golwalker also wrote a letter to PM Pandit Jawaher Lal Nehru for lifting ban on RSS , but the PMO replied to him that matter to continue the ban or lift is under the authority of Sardar Patel as it falls under the central home ministry .

In his efforts to pressurize  Sardar Patel to lift the ban , RSS chief asked his Shakhas to resort to public agitation .He personally went to Delhi to agitate .But he was arrested again and put into jail.

The agitation by RSS in various parts of the country was crushed .Then only , RSS Chief  Golwalker agreed to accept the conditions of Sardar Patel and after which , this ban was lifted on July 11 , 1949 .



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