Salute To This Lady From Mumbai Who Has Been Teaching Under Privileged Children For Free On The Footpath Since 2 Years

Education in our country is more about business than it is about literally “educating” the youth. Everything breaks down to money at the end of the day, and that is the only thing that matters. If you can afford the education, you’re lucky. If you cannot, well get ready to end up on the streets.

The country’s statistics speak about how the illiteracy rates are going high, but does anyone do anything about it? No. The government plays its part and escapes, but does anybody care about the results? No.

Yasmin Hussain, a woman from Mumbai’s Mira road with a vision to bring about a change, has taken a step to think about the future of children on the street (for a change).

She has been educating around 30 under privileged children every day since two years now. Some of them are beggars; some of them sell balloons for a living.

In an interview with Bhindi Bazaar, she said, “I’ve been doing this since two years and have been awarded a several times for my work too. But have never seen the Government take an effort to do something about it.”

Yasmin has been teaching these children on a footpath near SVPV School, Mira Road.

She’s just another housewife living in a joint family with her two children and husband, Parvez Hussain who works as a project manager at Wipro.

“I complete all household chores and then head to teach these kids from 3-5 in the afternoon”, she further added.

“These kids who roam around begging on the streets, have now started to dream about going to school and living a life just like any other normal kid.”

She has also mentioned about the problems she has to face and how the Government doesn’t care about them.

A builder from the vicinity has been warning her to stop her routine of teaching near the school. However, she still continues to teach them on a slab that covers the gutter nearby.

She further spoke about how these children, who beg and work at a garage, have now developed a vision of doing something big in life.

These children don’t own fancy clothes and toys, but own a much bigger dream in life.

She also set up a donation box in her building saying, “Dear people please donate your old toys, clothes, stationary, books, games shoes, whatever that you don’t need anymore, to the children in need.”

The donation turned out to be so good that the number of children in need fell short in comparison to it.

Not only this, she helps every child that comes to her with a hope to study and the fire to learn. She’s in contact with a few politicians because of her work, through which she manages to exempt their fees.

Her only request to the government is to allot her a permanent space near the same slum area for two hours only to teach these children as it’s getting more and more difficult with the monsoon in Mumbai these days. She has to rush to a nearby shop every time it starts to rain with all these children, causing disturbance to everyone.

Let’s share this story enough for the government to read it, shall we?





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