It’s been only a few months since the election results of the four states came out. Although, many opposition parties claimed about the EVMs being altered but the ECI (Election Commission of India) looked in no mood to consider any of those allegations true.

Not only this, it also gave the opposition parties a chance to prove their claim by organizing an EVM Hackathon. To your surprise, the political parties didn’t even turn up at the event.

However, a case of EVM malfunction has been reported in Maharashtra. The details of which were disclosed on Saturday in response to the questions in RTI, and have turned out to be quite disturbing.

Faulty EVM

It has been reported that during the election of Buldhana Zilla Parishad at the Sultanpur polling station, whenever a voter would press the button for coconut symbol (allotted to an independent candidate by EC), the LED light of BJP would start to flash.

The RTI was filed by an activist, Anil Galgali and the information also read that the Returning Officer (RO) wrote about the faulty machine in his report and how the district manager was informed about it too.

Anil had filed this RTI in Buldhana Collector’s office demanding for information regarding the complaint filed.


Anil Galgali in his statement has said,

“Everytime the voter pressed a symbol of Coconut, allotted to a candidate, the LED lamp of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Lotus used to flash. This was reported to the District Collector by the Returning Officer (RO) in his inquiry report and furnished under an RTI query,”

“The Buldhana collectorate’s election department replied that at polling station No. 56 in Sultanpur of Lonar town, when the voter pressed the Independent candidate No. 1’s Coconut symbol, the LED lamp flashed against the BJP candidate No. 4’s Lotus symbol, signifying that the vote had gone to the latter,” Galgali explained.

Also, when candidate Asha Arun Zore lodged her first complaint on the EVM problems at 10 a.m that day, the Election Officer at the polling station refused to take cognizance of such a serious issue, he pointed out.

After all said and done, we still think the Government would seal this case just like the many others filed in the name of its inefficiency.



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