GURUVAYUR : An RSS worker K. Anandan was allegedly killed in  the temple town Nenmeni of Kerala when he was riding a bike and some  persons rammed their vehicle into his bike  .

This incident drew protests and strike was observed in the assembly constituencies of Guruvayur and Manaloor .

BJP National President Amit Shah was quick to condemn the killing of an RSS worker in Kerala but he kept quite on the murder of an animal trader Umer Khan  and attack on another animal trader Tahir Khan in Alwar by so called Gav rakshaks .

The report sid that the killed RSS worker Anandan was involved in the murder of a CPM worker Fasil , who was killed in 2013 .The RSS worker accused in murder case was recently released on bail .

It is said that he was travelling on the bike when some one allegedly rammed a vehicle against his bike .He was rushed to the hospital but he died there.

The RSS workers alleged that K.Anandan has been killed .The BJP alleged that CPM workers are behind the alleged murder.

The national President of BJP Amit Shah conmdened and protested the alleged killing of  the  RSS  worker in Kerala .He sought an explanation from the CM of Kerala . He said in a tweet message ,”I condemn the brutal killing of a young RSS worker K.Anand in Kerala .The continuous violence by CPM workers and the protection to such political killings is now before the nation .CM Pinarayi must explain what his government is doing to curb criminal elements in its ranks .”

The BJP national president chose to comment and condemn the Kerala incident but he completely ignored the killings of innocent animal traders by the so called Gav Rakshaks .

Even the PM Modi sometimes condemned the violence unleashed by Gav Raksha Samitis , but BJP National President Amit Shah largely remained silent over such murders and violence .



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