RSS Didn’t Participate in Freedom Struggle, Now Preaching Nationalism: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioned the RSS about its role in the freedom struggle when he said that RSS did not fight against British and thus betrayed the freedom movement. He also said that the RSS-BJP combine had a real and hidden agenda to change the Constitution of India. RSS is trying to penetrate its cadres into all important segments of the nation like judiciary, bureaucracy, media and even security agencies.


An important point raised by the Congress leader in the meeting of opposition leaders was of RSS and RSS leaders unfurling tricolor national flags on 15th August after BJP was put in power. “Until the BJP gained power, RSS never saluted tricolor flag” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi chose to pick important facts from history to severely criticize RSS and BJP. He did not take name of Savarkar, but referring to him, the Congress leader said “RSS’s biggest leader, as we all know, wrote a letter of apology to the British to come out of jail. No Congress leader or any other leader of any other party that participated in freedom struggle wrote such a letter of apology to the British.”

The Congress leader has stirred a debate on history. He attacked the so called patriotism being orchestrated by Sangh Pariwar using the old Vande Mataram issue. Many Muslims feel that Rahul Gandhi did show mirror to Sangh Pariwar.

In a very bizarre attitude of Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Government to issue directions for Madarsas to organize Independence day celebrations and unfurl tricolors, sing national anthem and make video tapes as proof signifies the validity of Rahul’s statement.

The RSS and their cadres, sympathizers must be asked why for the last 69 years, RSS did not celebrate Independence day?

Why tricolor was not unfurled at RSS headquarter in Nagpur for the 69 years of Independence?

Why RSS found it necessary to celebrate Independence Day from the last 2 years only?

It will be better that instead of raising communal issues, RSS answers to the questions raised by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.



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