NAGPUR : RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat declared in Dassehra rally that Rohingya Muslims are security threat to India therefore India should take any decision on Rohingya Muslim problem taking such views into consideration .

The Dassehra rally speech of RSS chief has sent one more message .That the Government of India is toeing RSS ideology in the matters of Rohingya Muslims .The central government has already made it clear that they will not provide shelter to Rohingya Muslim refugees, as it is doing in case of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Tibet as well as Myanmar .

The threat to national security is being cited although 40,000 Rohingya Muslims are residing in India for the last many years and not a single Rohingya Muslim has been arrested on the charges of anti-national activities or terrorism.

The central government has already issued a circular to all state government instructing them to identify and prepare to deport the Rohingya Muslims .A petition is being heard by Supreme court of India , in the matters of Rohingya Muslim refugees of India .So the government has been unable to initiate the process of deportation of Rohingya Muslim refugees .

But with today’s Dassehra rally speech , RSS Chief not only declared that the central government is toeing the RSS line in the matters of Rohingya Muslim refugees ,in other words it can be said that  but he justified and supported the stand taken by the Centre to deport the Rohingya Muslim refugees .

While delivering anti Rohingya Muslim refugees, RSS Chief also referred to the epoch making speech of Swami Vivekanand delivered in1893 in Chicago .

While Swami Vivekanand preached unity of humanity , service to mankind and service to oppressed people , irrespective of caste , religion , race, RSS adopted the anti Rohingya Muslim policy on the basis of race , religion and hatred .He his contradiction in the speech actually made mockery of the ideology preached by Swami Vivekanand  in Chicago , it is alleged .



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