LUCKNOW : The Muslim leaders are angry with RSS Chief Mohan Bhaggwat over his statement in the matter of Babri Masjid dispute and they are alleging that RSS Chief committed contempt of court as the matter is being heard in Supreme Court .It is pointed out that SC is hearing the Babri Masjid case on December 05 .

The RSS Chief has reportedly said in Udupi that  only Ram Temple will be constructed on the disputed site and nothing else .Muslim leaders reacted sharply to his statement .They said that such threatening statement in a judicial matter is insult of the court so he may be booked for contempt of court .

Some leaders said that the RSS chief’s statement on Babri Masjid issue is aimed at Gujarat elections and he is trying to divert the attention of voters of Gujarat from the real issues facing the state.

AIMPLB spokesman expressed his faith in the apex court and said that such statements are clear violations of law .Muslim leaders described the statement of RSS chief as the breach of mutual trust and disrespect to the sentiments expressed by some saints that the issue must be resolved amicably.

“How in such threatening and dictatorial terms one can go in for the talks for mutual agreement if one faction remains adamant and arrogant in a judicial case .It seems that RSS Chief and other hardcore elements are conveying the message that they will not accept even Supreme Court orders if it goes against the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhaya .They are talking openly by such statements of using force in the case the SC verdict went against them ,” a Muslim journalist said .

The AIMPLB said that they have faith in judiciary and they will accept the court order in the case.The other Muslim leaders are also criticizing the statement  as it coincides the hearing of SC in the same matter .



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