DHAKA : Thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled  their villages in Rakhane  but are hiding in forests are surviving on grass and water .The reports said that all the Rohingya Muslim majority villages have been burnt down by Myanamar army .Muslim villagers fled and thousands are hiding in forests fearing the army genocide .

There are many Rohingya Muslims who are still there in forests .They are eating grass to survive ,  reports reaching in Bangladesh  through refugees claim .Approximately 4 lakh 80 thousand Rohingya Muslims  are residing in the refugee camps organized in Bangladesh .

The news agencies told the relief workers that thousands of Rohingya Muslims are still trapped inside Rakhine state but they are hiding in forests to save them from army .A teacher said that Myanmamar army men visit the villages during the day, so many villagers flee into the jungles during day time and they come back during night. They have no food to eat .So they are eating grass and some plants in jungle , to survive , he said .

Some journalists who visited the affected villages said that they saw paddy fields and deserted villages. Some witnesses told media personnel that hungry dogs are eating small goats in deserted villages .It is said that army has restricted the entry in the affected areas and local people are advised that they must not speak to media persons .A media team is first to visit some affected area but they were not allowed to speak to local people, it is said.

A report in the Bangladesh newspaper Bangla Tribune revealed that the first ever media visit was conducted in the areas where army is not conducting any operation. The international human rights organisation “Human Rights Watch “  arranged the satellite pictures of Rakhine state to analyze damage done to the Rohingya Muslim villages  by Myanamar army .

It is estimated that Myanmar army destroyed 214 villages .The UN sources alleged that entire social and human infrastructure in 20 km area has been completely destroyed in Rohingya Muslim dominated areas .



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