Why Rohingya Muslims Are Most Unfortunate People In The World?

It is very unfortunate that world is not paying any attention towards the pogroms and mass killing of Rohingya Muslims who are most friendless community of the world

DHAKA: They have no one to support them. They have no one to advocate their cause .They have no one to stand behind them firmly .They are said to be the most friendless people in the world .They are said to be most unfortunate people of the world .Why? The following are some facts to this effect :

*There are 1 million Rohingya Muslims living in this country .They are living in the country for many centuries , but the majority community believe that thaey are foreigners .

*There are 25 million Budhists in Mynmar .

*Buddhist monks allege that the Rohingya Muslims are Bangladeshi intruders , who entered the country illegally , therefore , they are not legitimate citizens.

*Bangladesh hosts thousands of Rohongya Muslim refugees , who fled their country to escape oppressions. But Myanmar refuses to accept them as citizens of their country .

* Spokesperson of UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 2009, Kitty Mackinsey’s comments are  the  appropriate  expression of Rohingya Muslim’s condition in  the world when she said ,” The Rohingyas are probably the most friendless people in the world ,They just have no  one advocating for them at all .”

*Rohingya Muslims have been time and again destroyed but world remained , more or less silent .

*In 2012, fierce violence among Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists resulted in deaths of large number of Muslims. More than 12000 Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh.

* Many Rohingya Muslims are staying as refugees in many countries , including India .They are staying in the squalid camps and are depending on charity .



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