DHAKA: According to the news published in Bangladesh newspapers , a deal has been inked between Bangladesh and Myanmar government for the repatriation of Rohingya Muslims sheltered in Bangladesh refugee camps .

It is said that the Rohingya Muslims who were forced to leave their homes will return gradually and this process will begin within two months .But no time limit has been set for the repatriations of all refugees which are more than six lakhs .

The two neighboring countries signed an agreement which followed the meeting of Bangladesh Foreign minister M H Mehmood Ali  had with Myanmar state counsellor

Aung San Suu Kyi in her office .

The Bangladesh FM Mehmood Ali said that the signing of agreement is the first step .He said that they will move their next steps soon .When asked for the time frame he said that he will tell details of the agreement soon after reaching Dhaka .

The Bangladesh media however said that there has been no time frame attached to the return and the Rohingya Refugees will be gradually repatriated. the newspapers also said that the return of the first batch of the Rohingya s will also take at least two months’ time .

It is also reported that the officers of the two countries were working on such agreement for the last two months .The drafts of the agreements were negotiated at officers level many times .It was now inked as the deal between two countries .

According to rep[orts , the implementation of the agreement will require formation  of  a joint group  consisting of high officials from both countries .

The two countries also resolved some border disputes which existed near the river  Naaf .The  Bangladesh also gifted three ambulance vans which will be deputed in the Rakhine state to serve the poor people . Dhaka has also requested UN to be involved in the process of relief and return of Rohingya Muslims.



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