DHAKA: The Khalsa Aid Managing Director , India region Mr.Amarpreet Singh said that  more than 3 lakh Rohingya Muslim refugees on Bangladesh Myanamar border are facing acute shortage of food supplies .

He was interviewed by many media out lets as he reached at a Bangladesh village just facing Myanmar border.

Mr.Amarpreet Singh said that the refugees fleeing into the Bangladesh are in urgent need of clothing, food , shelter and medical assistance .

” We have seen people including women , children and old persons living in camps or open grounds .They are facing difficulties due to rainy season .The weather is also making the life harder for them ,” Khalsa Aid leader said .

Talking to a Punjabi  media , Mr.Amarpreet Singh also said that the Rohingya Muslims are a huge humanitarian crisis , and one should not look at it with narrow communal or political mind .He also said that although  official figure by UN Human Rights Commission says that more  than 2,70,000 refugees reached Bangladesh , but reports from ground zero  indicates that there are a large number of them still trapped inside Myanmar borders .

“There are reports of Rohingya Muslims being killed in extra judicial murders by Myanmar security forces .Villages are being burnt down in Rakhine state which has been home to the Rohingya Muslims, “he added .

Mr.Amarpreet Singh  further  said ,” The Khalsa Aid is providing  and committed for  free food ( Langar) and shelter  , but  the number of refugees has exceeded much more than our expectations .

The Langar is the core part of the Sikh faith , under which Sikh volunteers provide food and shelter to every human being without considering their caste , faith , nationality , race .And our help is not time bound .We serve needy people till the crisis is over .”

He said that all their efforts are being supported by Sangat and they will continue to support persons in need , anywhere in the world .

Rohingya Muslim Refugees Relief

“Mata Ji was very thirsty, it was blessing for me to be volunteering on the border so that I could provide her a bottle of water.” JeevonJot Singh, Khalsa Aid volunteer on the Bangladesh-Burma border.

I am so proud of all the Khalsa Aid volunteers! You guys are making us proud ! May Waheguru bless you with more Simran & Seva.

Absolutely great coordination yet again by Amarpreet Singh, Khalsa Aid India Coordinator.

RAVI SINGH /KHALSA AID /BANGLADESH wrote on his facebook wall.



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