DHAKA: The Myanmar army soldiers have been accused of being involved in war crime of gang raping the helpless Rohingya Muslim refugee women while trying to flee from Burma.

United Nation’s Special Representative the Secretary General on Sexual violence In Conflict said that the UN agency is continuously receiving the tales of horrors from the Rohingya Muslim refugee woman of being sexually abused and gang raped by the Myanmar soldiers.

The UN official MS Pramilla Patten said,”One such victim of  the gang rape revealed that she was kept in captivity for 45 days in an army camp and during which the Myanmar army soldiers raped her .”

She revealed the sexual war crimes and atrocities committed by the Myanmar army soldiers against the innocent refugee Rohingya Muslim women in a press conference organized in a local hotel.

Patten said that many victim women still have visible scars, injuries , bruises , bite marks on their bodies which tell the devilish crimes of  Myanmar army soldiers .

She demanded that all those responsible for such sexual crimes against the Rohingya Muslim women must be brought to book and must be suitably punished.

The army atrocities against civilians cannot be condoned .The Myanmar army which was claimed that it was taking action against terrorists, how it can explain the serious crimes of gang rape of helpless Rohingya Muslim Women under their captivity? Is gang raping their anti-terrorist action?

The UN Special Envoy said that there is a systematic pattern in Myanmar army’s crime against Rohingya Muslim women and girls .They are inflicting wide spread atrocities against the civilian population .They are committing rapes and other sexual crimes .They are targeting Rohingya Muslim women and girls on account of their religion and ethnicity .

The UN Special Envoy also alleged that apart from Myanmar army soldiers , the other culprits who are committing such war crimes include the Myanmar Border Guard Police  and militias composed of Buddhist and other ethnic groups from  Rakhine .




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