They Are Rivals But Still Friends At Borders

WAGHA : The India Pakistan rivalry can be best seen regularly at Wagha Border during the retreat ceremonies . But , BSF and Pakistan Rangers officers and men , although being fierce rivals , in personal level are also best friends .They differentiate between professional and personal needs and act accordingly , as needed.

Their friendship as usually seen at the border , usually on national and religious festivals .The pictures released by AFP,PTI and other agencies from border, of these occasions  are much  appreciated  and popular among peace loving persons from both the sides .

August 14 , is the Independence day of Pakistan .While August 15 , is the Independence day of India .On both these occasions , sweets are distributed, across the border , to one another by BSF and Pakistan Rangers personnel .But with this friendly expression, nobody can doubt patriotism , dedication towards their duty to  defend their motherland from enemies , and  their pride in their nations.

These BSF and Pakistan Ranger personnel , who differentiate very well , what are their professional requirements , and what are their personal relations , are example  for the  hate mongering politicians of both the countries , many  peace and antiwar activists say .This year also , the Wagha border saw the exemplary demonstration of friendship between Pakistan Rangers and BSF personals  .

On August 14 , 2017 , on the occasion of  Pakistan’s Independence day , Pakistan Ranger officers and men gifted sweet box to Indian  BSF staff deployed on Indian side at Wagha /Attari  border .Security personnel from both the sides hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries .Pakistani Wing Commander Bilal  shook hands with BSF Commandant Sudeep during the sweet gifting ceremony , to mark the Pakistan’s Independence day celebrations , at the joint check post at Attari-Wagha border .

This was reciprocated second day.On August 15 , 2107 , on the occasion of India’s 71st Inependence day , BSF commandant Sudeep led a BSF team and met Pakistan Ranger head Wing Commander Bilal , and presented to him sweets .According to a  report , at the time of handing over of sweets , both the forces were looking relaxed , as they hugged and shook hands , with each other and exchanged pleasantries .

After all , when time comes , they  are the only , who lay down their lives , for their respective countries , and not the arm- chair -patriot politicians , of   both sides .



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