Rivalries Between Different Communities? What Dr. Ambedkar Said!!

Rivalries Between Different Communities? What Dr. Ambedkar Said!!

MUMBI ;No nation can survive long and claim to be a super power if different communities within suspect each other .The  race in social armament between communities is undesirable for the health of a nation .Such a race began between Hindus and Muslims during freedom struggle .

It resulted in the tragedy of partition .But it seems , some sections of Indian society did not learn lesson from history .The vote bank politics is compelling yet another race in social armament between different communities again .Different communities are considering others as menace .

A sense of insecurity  and fear is being created .This is the product of vote bank politics .This is not healthy sign if various communities live in fear of each other .Such social rivalries prevailed in British India .

Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar  described the social  and communal  rivalries of Hindus and Muslims of India during twentieth century  in his book “Pakistan or Partition of India “ , as following :

The other feature is the “preparations” which the Muslims and Hindus are making against each other without abatement. It is like a race in armaments between two hostile nations. If the Hindus have the Benares University, the Musalmans must have the Aligarh University.

If the Hindus start Shudhi movement, the Muslims must launch the Tablig movement. If the Hindus start Sangathan, the Muslims must meet it by Tanjim.

If the Hindus have the R. S. S. S.,/14/ the Muslims must reply by organizing the Khaksars./15/ This race in social armament and equipment is run with the determination and apprehension characteristic of nations which are on the war path. The Muslims fear that the Hindus are subjugating them. The Hindus feel that the Muslims are engaged in reconquering them. Both appear to be preparing for war and each is watching the “preparations” of the other.

Such a state of things cannot but be ominous. It is a vicious circle. If the Hindus make themselves stronger, the Musalmans feel menaced. The Muslims endeavour to increase their forces to meet the menace, and the Hindus then do the same to equalize the position.

As the preparations proceed, so does the suspicion, the secrecy, and the plotting. The possibilities of peaceful adjustment are poisoned at the source, and [it is] precisely because everyone is fearing and preparing for it that “war” between the two tends to become inevitable. But in the situation in which they find themselves, for the Hindus and the Muslims not to attend to anything, except to prepare themselves to meet the challenge of each other, is quite natural. It is a struggle for existence and the issue that counts is survival, and not the quality or the plane of survival.

Two things must be said to have emerged from this discussion. One is that the Hindus and the Muslims regard each other as a menace. The second is that to meet this menace, both have suspended the cause of removing the social evils with which they are infested. Is this a desirable state of things? If it is not, how then can it be ended?




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