Who is Responsible For Arrests of Muslims in Fake Bomb Blast Cases ?

HYDERABAD: A local court in a 12 year old case acquitted 10 Muslims from the charges of terrorism as police not  present sufficient evidence to prove the charges. This is yet another case, which is an example that Muslims are involved in fake bomb blasts and terrorism cases by agencies all over the country although they do not have sufficient grounds and enough evidence against them.

They impose draconian Anti-Terror laws against them. They are not booked under normal IPC sections. To book them under stringent anti-terror laws false stories are cooked by the agencies and media is misused at the time of their arrests.

A hostile atmosphere is created against them, promoting these innocent Muslims in false media trial as dangerous anti national terrorists. Such false media hype is a pattern and modus operandi of agencies all over the country, so that they may not get sufficient legal help, and will be at the mercy of investigating agencies.

But time and again, it has been proved in many cases, in which Muslims were arrested on the charges of terrorism, under stringent anti- terrorism laws, that majority of Muslims were innocent. Agencies did not have enough evidence against them, therefore after years of trial, they were acquitted by the courts.

But in such struggle to get justice from the court, at least 10 to 15 years of precious career are ruined and a lot of financial resources are drained. So these fake cases, filed against Muslims, without any ground or enough evidence are destroying many Muslim families.

Such fake cases have also destroyed the bright careers of a large number of talented, highly qualified and brilliant Muslims. So, it is necessary that responsibility must be fixed on police officers and investigating agencies, if they are proved wrong in court in terror related cases. They must be penalised and the accused persons acquitted from the court must be duly compensated. Then only, fake cases against innocent Muslims will come to an end .



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