Why Rename Kala Ghoda Junction After Controversial Isreali Leader Shimon Peres ?

MUMBAI: BMC has initiated a very wrong move to name a city junction after a foreign leader whose country and whose tenure has allegations of mass violation of human rights.

BMC’s move to rename Kala Ghoda junction in Mumbai as Shimon Peres Junction was strongly opposed in the BMC house as well as in the Prabhag Samiti meetings by opposition parties.

BJP by introducing and supporting such move is introducing big controversy .First of all, it may be asked, what is the need to name the local areas , local streets and local junctions after foreign leaders?

There is already scarcity of such roads and junctions which can be renamed after those national, state and local dignitaries who deserve a street or a junction to be renamed after them.

Inspite of this problem confronting the BMC the municipal administration, instructed by the government, moved ahead to propose the renaming of Kala Ghoda junction after the controversial Israeli leader.

It is also noteworthy that such move was initiated when the PM of Israel Netenyahu was visiting the country and he was expected to come to the city.

It must be asked , will BMC do such renaming of city streets and junctions at the visit of every  foreign dignitary to the city ?

It must be  also noted that during BJP rule many foreign heads of the states visited India and Mumbai .But no such move was initiated earlier in case of any other foreign head of the state .

But why BMC chose the visit of Israeli PM to India for proposing the renaming of an important and historical city junction after a former Israeli leader?

It is also an important fact that no junction or street or road in the city so far has not been named after any foreign leader .But insistence of BJP to rename a Chowk after Israeli leader Shimon Peres is  a first case .If this is not opposed vehemently , it will create flood gates of new controversy .




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