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MUMBAI : When Bajaj CEO Rajiv Bajaj said that he do not want his child to inherit an India built on hate , he echoed the sentiments of silent majority of Indian parents who belong to cross sections of the Indian society .Such is the fear  gripping the parents of India who may be an Industrialist , a school teacher , a farmer , a bureaucrat or an ordinary citizen , who are very much concerned of  the right wing fascist extremist politics tearing  the secular , democratic fabric of the nation .

This may be the bad omen for the country which is still in its fancy as a free Nation.

It was pre-Independence hate- politics which partitioned the country.

The fascist-extremist forces grabbed the democracy .They again began the game of disharmony , hatred and venom mongering to create discord among the society .They aim to create vote banks by polarizing the society on caste, creed , religion , linguistic and provincial lines .They may grab power for few years .

But history shows that such hate- based-politics may result in civil war, chaos, riots and mayhem .Such situation can also result in another Partition, which nobody, except fascist forces desire.

It is very unfortunate that a large section of electronic media fell to the lure of minting money from extremist forces which hire them to spread hate for political purposes. The Nation saw this toxic game silentlyfor a long time .But now , voices are being raised against this business of hate and disharmony .

The biggest support came to the groups lobbying against hate – mongering channels from BAJAJ group when its MD Rajiv Bajaj came out in open .He declared his decision to ban advertisement support to three News channels who were peddling toxic, hatful and communal content.

Rajiv Bajaj is one voice amongst so many Industrialists of India , who may not go public for various reasons .Why Industrialists are opposing such hate – spreading TV channels ?

One reason is , they are also parents .And as other Indian parents , they want a peaceful and strong India .India can never be peaceful if it is built on hate , disunity , discord , communalism , bias and such other conflicts .

The other reason!!

India can develop as an economic power when all sections of society live in harmony .The Industries will thrive only when there peace and tranquility .For some political parties, hatred, discontent, division and conflict in the society and amongst the voters may be the key to electoral success .But for Industries and business , peace and harmony are very important for growth .

This is the case of clear conflict of interests of Politics and Industry. The situation may turn grave if majority of Industrialists remain silent out of the fear of politicians.

Therefore , the courage shown by Rajiv Bajaj is being appreciated .




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