WASHINGTON: The war in Yemen is just another example of lust of profit  resulting in genocide of innocent people .This is not a war of ideologies .This is just a war for profits .

An expert  F. William Engdahi has comment  on this war in flowing words ,

The ongoing de facto genocide in the Republic of Yemen in a war whose most intense phase began in 2015, has until very recently been all but ignored in the Western mainstream media. What has also been ignored is the fundamental casus belli for the US-backed Saudi war, ostensibly against the Shi’ite Houthi by the Sunni Wahhabite Saudis.

As with virtually every war and destabilization since the British first discovered abundant oil in the Persian Gulf over a century ago, the Yemen war is about oil, more precisely about control of oil, lots of oil.

( Yemen Genocide About Oil Control / )

Yemen war began in 2015 .This war is being given sectarian colour .But as the above said expert proved in his article , this is also another war for control of oils but  deception is being palyed  with the world  as far as real cause of war is concerned .

Yemen is most critical  connecting point for “War For Oil forces” meddling in  west Asia .Therefore  they created civil war and drowned this country into sea of human blood to gain control over oil fields .

  1. William Engdahi explained importance of Yemen in his article as following , “Yemen is a strategically key geopolitical stretch of land at the critical connecting point of the Red Sea which links to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean.
  2. It’s the site of one of the world’s most strategic shipping choke points, the Bab el Mandab, a narrow passage a mere 18 miles distance from Djibouti in the Horn of Africa, making it one of the US Department of Energy’s Oil Transit Chokepoints.
  3. According to the US Department of Energy an estimated 4.7 million barrels of oil passes through Bab el Mandab in both directions daily, including oil bound for China.”

As China is building its first overseas army base in very nearby Djibouti , why US has its eyes  on Yemen is not difficult to comprehend .



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