Rape Case Registered For Insulting Padmavati and Other Women On Social Media

INDORE :The MP police has for the first time in the country registered rape case under section 376 of IPC against  one  Mr.Jeetender Surana for insulting three women including Padmavati .


It is felt that this may be the first case in India when a person posting defamatory , derogatory and insulting post against women has been charged with the rape case .

The DSP Kalyani Chakrwarti  of Khargon in MP said that a special team consisting of Cyber Crime Branch staff has been formed to arrest the culprit who is the resident of Neemuch .

Meanwhile some members of Rajput Royal families are also coming in open to oppose the anti Padmavati controversy as well as protests.

Kanwarani Archana Singh said that the protests against the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film have been too stretched and these must be stopped.

She is the member of erstwhile Rajput Royal family and she is married into another Rajput Royal family .

Archana Singh

said that it is not right to protest against the film without seeing the film .She said that she would like to see the film herself.

She advised the protesting Rajputs to be tolerant and first see the film before forming  any opinion about the film.

While Karni Sena leaders are claiming that the film has distorted version of Rajput history and film depicts the Rajput woman in insulting manner , Archana Singh denied such allegations .

She said that there are Rajputs working in the staff of the film and they deny that the film did not have any such derogatory or offending scenes .

She said that she is also a Rajput but many Rajputs who have come forward to support the protests and are supporting violence against film makers and film artistes are bringing bad name for the Rajput community .She condemned the threats and violence against film and film persons .




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