MUMBAI : The Mughals were not anti – Hindu as one of the most respected  Hindu religious book Ramcharitmanas was written during Mughal period .Had the Mughals  been  anti – Hindu , such book could not have been written in their reign , many historians say .

It is also  a fact that this book or any other Hindu religious book was never banned in any Mughal regime .Even then , false history which was fabricated by British writers to divide Hindus and Muslims and to give an impression to Hindus that Muslim rule was cruel and oppressive .

They , by portraying Muslim rulers as anti – Hindu , tried to get support of Hindu community for  their government .It is very unfortunate that many hard core Hindus carried on the British anti – Muslim agenda based on fake  and fabricated anti- Muslim  history of India .

The history tells that Sant Tulsi Das , a great Hindu Saint during Mughal Emperor Akbar , began writing holy book RAMCHARITMANAS in Ayodhya , on Ram Naumi in 1631 .

He composed his book in Ayodhya , Chitrkoot and Varanasi .He converted Sanskrit Ramayan written by Sage Valmiki into Awadhi , the local dialect of eastern UP .This epic is called also known as Tulsi Ramayan .Ramcharitmanas  is considered as one of the master- pieces vernacular Hindu literature .

This is also evidence that Mughal period was such a  conducive and friendly rule during which such classic Hindu religious literature  was written . It  is said that  though  Sant Tulsi  Das was himself a Brahmin , by writing or converting Sanskrit holy book Ramayan into Awadhi or local dialect , he earned wrath of Sanskrit scholars of his times .But it was Mughal Emperor Akbar who protected Sant Tulsidas .

It is said that when sant Tulsi Das completed Tulsi Ramayan into the local and vernacular language , orthodox forces were enraged as they felt only Sanskrit to be a holy language .It is also said that Sant Tulsi Das was not only humiliated by his own ( Brhamin ) people but attempts were made to kill him .But Mughal King Akbar provided protection to this Hindu Sage .

He reacted to such attempts and attacks against him , in his poetic style in Awadhi , which is translated as following :

Call me cunning or a heretic; call me Rajput or a weaver; I don’t have to marry my son to someone’s daughter; nor do I want to be in contact with someone whose caste I might pollute; say what you want, Tulsidas is a slave of Ram; I will beg for alms to eat and sleep in a mosque; I don’t have to take or give anyone a farthing.


The pro – Colonial and anti – Mughal history was written to appease British rulers and serve their political purpose of enslaving India. Such fabricated writings created misinformation and bias against  Mughal rulers .Vote Bank politics is furthering such British agenda even after seventy years of Independence .



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