JAIPUR : Rajput leader and head of state Rajput Karni Sena Mahipal Singh Makrana alleged that he received a threatening call from Pakistan.It is presumed by Sena leaders  that  threat call was made by D company .


According to Rajput leader , the caller from an unknown Pakistani number told him why you are protesting against film Padmavati?

” Did you forget 1993? Or you want that should be repeated? Why you are creating riots in India?” the caller asked the Rajput leader, said Mahipal .

The Karni Sena leader alleged that told the media that the film has been financed by the ISI and D Company and such threat proves that their allegations are not baseless.

The Karni Sena leader said that this call came from Karachi.He also alleged that unknown caller also threatened that 1993 type serial bomb blast can be repeated .The caller also allegedly  said that the protests against film Padmavati must be stopped immediately otherwise the leader of the Sena will be killed .



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