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Rajnikanth’s New Film Inspired By Haji Mastan, Vardha Rajan?

MUMBAI: Although Rajnikanth has clarified that his new film ‘Kaala Kaarikalan’ is not based on  any real life character, but it is now well known that this Rajnikanth film is a yet another Mumbai Underworld Film. The film is being extensively shot in Sion, Dharavi, Pratiksha Nagar and other slums of Mumbai, which were known as Vardha Bhai’s area.

Rajnikant in one of the Scenes
Rajnikant in one of the Scenes

The known bootlegger and Mafia Don Vardha Rajan Mudaliar, who was a trusted aid of Haji Mastan Mirza, once ruled over this area.

It may be recalled that both Haji Mastan Mirza and Vardha Rajan Mudaliar were Tamils and  their poor families  came to Mumbai, to earn a living.

Both Haji Mastan Mirza and Vardha Rajan Mudaliar began their careers as street children, but they both became influential ‘Dons’ of the city.

Vardha Rajan (Left), Haji Mastan Mirza (Right)
Vardha Rajan (Left), Haji Mastan Mirza (Right)

Some sources say that this film is about a Tamilian Don of Mumbai who fights for Madrasi immigrants in the city.

Therefore, it is being assumed that this film may be loosely based on the lives of Haji Mastan Mirza or Vardha Rajan, the Tamil Underworld Dons of Mumbai.

Rajnikanth shooting in Mumbai
Rajnikanth shooting in Mumbai

The unit of the said film is very tight lipped about the story, as they do not want to enter into any controversy. A Mumbai based self-proclaimed adopted son of Haji Mastan Mirza named Sunder Shekhar has issued notices to film actor Rajnikanth and his Producer.

Haji Mastan's self proclaimed adopted son Sunder Shekhar
Haji Mastan’s self proclaimed adopted son Sunder Shekhar

Sunder Shekhar has reportedly told Rajnikanth not to portray the role of Haji Mastan Mirza, if the late Mafia Don is shown as a smuggler and gangster. He also threatened to take action against the film if Haji Mastan Mirza is shown as a criminal in the film.

This Rajnikanth film stirred yet another controversy when a Tamil Assistant Director filed a Police complaint in Chennai, alleging that this film is a plagiarism. He said that the film is inspired by his original project titled ‘Kaala’, which he planned to make with Rajnikanth a decade ago. He also alleged the theft of title of his film.

Rajnikant on the Streets of Dharavi, Mumbai
Rajnikant on the Streets of Dharavi, Mumbai

A  filmstar of Rajnikanth‘s stature does face such controversies, if any new film is launched. But, it is said that the producers of this film do not want to create any trouble for them. This is the reason, they are denying that this film is inspired by any real life underworld character of Mumbai.

Meanwhile hectic shooting of the film went ahead in the city, in which Rajnikanth also took part.

He went around the slums of Dharavi  & Sion and met his fans on the way, who flocked to see their favorite star.



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