CHENNAI: The story of the upcoming film of super star Rajnikant sounds like the glimpse of life of Mumbai’s one Tamil Don .He may be either Haji Mastan Mirza or Vardha Rajan Mudliar .

Kaala  Karikaalan , the new movie of Rajnikant revolves around a boyin a Tamil Nadu village .He runs away from Tirunelveili in his childhood to Mumbai.He later on becomes a Mafia Don in Mumbai .

He is called Kaala  by his opponents .It may be called as Kalia in Hindi .Rajnikant was in Mumbai for several month .He did a lot of shooting in Dharavi , the former den of Vardha Rajan Mudliar .

Vardha was a dreaded Don of Mumbai .He also ran away from his village in childhood .He came to Mumbai in the similar circumstances as Haji Mastan Mirza , the other Tamil Don of Mumbai reached this city .

Vardha Rajan Mudliar was a right hand man of Haji Mastan Mirza .He built his empire in the suburban area of Dharavi .As the large portion of Mumbai shooting for Rajnikant film Kaala was done in Dharavi , it is presumed that the story of this film is mostly inspired by Vardha Rajan Mudliar .

It may be interesting to note that earlier , another Tamil super star Kamal Hassan also acted in the film Nayakkan which was made on the life history of Mumbai’s Tamil Don Vardha Rajan , some decades ago .

Feroz Khan made Hindi version of the film in which lead role was played by Vinod Khanna .

Rajnikant earlier played the  lead role in a gangster drama film Kabali  two years ago. Producer of this film Dhanush and director P A Ranjhit are now making Kaala so it is presumed that this will also be a gangster and underworld drama.

This film was announced last year and a so called foster son of Haji Mastan Mirza , one Mr. Sunder Shekhar issued a legal notice against the producer .Since then , not much is being said about the story of this film .



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