MUMBAI: MNS leader Raj Thackeray has reacted angrily to the film actor Nana Patekar’s support to hawkers. “You must not interfere in this. You don’t understand this ,Why Mahatma Nana Patekar is saying anything in this matter ? Why he was silent for so many issues for so many years?” MNS leader said attacking the film actor who is also his neighbor.

MNS leader  Raj Thackeray was addressing his party leaders and workers .He critics film star Nana Patekar  angrily  saying,” When South Indian film stars move on to streets for the problems of their own people , why Marathi film actors  don’t do like this? “

He asked the actor why he was silent when the theatre owners were not allowing Marathi films to be screened in their theatres. He claimed that it was his party which agitated and forced theatre owners to provide screens for Marathi films.

He refuted Nana Patekar’s claim that those hawkers who are evicted are poor. “Some hawker leaders claimed that the Mumbai hawkers pay Rs.2000 Crores as Hafta to officials to carry on their business. The hawkers pay Rs.100 daily as Hafta so how they can be poor? he remarked . He was also annoyed that even being a Marathi , Nana Patekar chose to support Sanjay Nirupam , the Congress leader on the hawker’s issue .


The MNS leader also alleged that most of the hawkers are outsiders .He said that Marathi people have first right to do the business or hawking in the city .



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