Raj Thackeray Predicts Fall Of Modi Government

MUMBAI: The fire brand MNS leader who was once a great admirer of Modi has predicted that the Modi government in Delhi will fall for its own mistakes and not due to the efforts of opposition parties.

He asserted that like many previous governments of the past which got power with huge majority but they fell down due to their own mistakes, the Modi government also does not need any opposition.

MNS leader said that in this country, whenever any party gets power with a huge margin , it could not contain it .The past examples of Indira Gandhi , V.P.Singhand Morarji Desai are before the nation.

He said that Modi Sarkar will also fall into the pit for its own mistakes .He criticized BJP in strong words .He also said that after Gujarat assembly elections, it is certain that the opposition parties will become stronger all over the country.

He expressed such view in a TV interview  on Aaj Tak . The MNS leader who is considered to be close to Maharashtra CM Fadnavis after poaching of his 6 Corporators  by Shiv Sena in BMC surprised many political analysts by his anti –Modi and anti- BJP criticism .

He chose to target the ruling BJP on various issues like demonetization , GST , Bullet trains , Gujarat assembly elections , use of social media .He claimed that there has been no development in Gujarat .”Just let them show me any development they did in Gujarat .They did not show me un -developed Gujarat .This fact is now coming to the fore. “said MNS leader.

He criticized PM Modi  for  his  speeches and said that in his political career of more than 25 years, he has not seen any other PM than Mr.Modi who  is so much  active while delivering speeches and participating in electoral campaigns .He is the first Indian PM so far , the MNS leader said .

He also criticised BJP on Taj Mahal issue .The MNS leader said that BJP government has nothing to show and talk about therefore they are raising issues as Taj Mahal .



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