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Race To Appease Maratha Kranti Protesters?

MUMBAI: A race has begun among politicians of different parties, including Shiv Sena, RPI to appease Maratha Kranti protesters by just lip service. According to the critics, Maratha protesters  are protesting for the last one year, but their voice has not been raised effectively in assembly or cabinet meetings. However on the occasion of  Mumbai’s silent march, all politicians are rushing to release press statement, expressing their hollow support to the March.


Shiv Sena Support to Morcha:

Shiv Sena which is a major partner in the State Government, extended support to the Maratha Kranti Morcha, which  is to begin the 58th silent March in Mumbai on Wednesday. In a press release the party said that members of a big section of the society has come down on streets, to demand justice for them.

All sections of society, whether big or small, have right to protest for their demands. This is the purpose of demonstration of unity under the Bhagwa flag. The Shiv Sena extended active best wishes to the Kranti Morcha’s silent march. In such words, Shiv Sena extended support to the Silent Maratha March.

But many Shiv Sena critics are saying, as Shiv Sena is a major alliance partner in the state government, why it is doing lip service for the past year and why not it is pressurizing the government in cabinet meetings to accept the demands put up by Maratha community?

RPI, Athawle Too Not Behind

The policy of appeasing the Maratha Kranti Morcha supporters by mere lip service has begun the competition between full time politicians. After Shiv Sena, another alliance partner of ruling party BJP has extended the support to Mumbai Silent March of Maratha Kranti Morcha.

RPI leader and Central Minister Ramdas Athawle said that Maratha community must get 16% reservation in education and employment. It must be noted that RPI Leader is also the Central Minister of the State, Social Justice department. He also said that RPI has extended support to the Silent Mumbai March of 09 August.

He also said that many economically weaker sections of the society along with Marathas like Gurjur, Lingayats, Jat, Brahmins etc must get reservation. He suggested that constitution can be amended to adjust these communities by raising the reservation limit from 50 % to 75 %.

The RPI Chief, who is a Dalit leader, but he forgot while rushing to support the Maratha Kranti Morcha that one of the demands of Maratha community is against the alleged misuse of SC/ST atrocities act. However as the critics point out, it is just another show of lip service by politicians including Shiv Sena & RPI to appease Maratha protesters. .



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